Radiometer has a long-standing tradition as provider of advanced diagnostics solutions to laboratories all around the world

Biopharmaceutical, biologic drug development & academic research

Radiometer’s analyzers support biopharmaceutical, biologic drug development & academic research

Radiometer America’s ABL family of analyzers are often found in biopharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Process & Process Development suites. They are also found in academic university and government research labs. These labs may be involved in clinical studies at a hospital or government institution; alternatively, they can be performing research or acting as a contract research organization (CRO).

The ABL family of analyzers have a long history as a benchmark for gas (pH, pO2, and pCO2), electrolyte (K, Na, Cl, and Ca), lactate and glucose testing. Our analyzers can support your research in a multitude of ways:

  • Results for 17 parameters in as little as 35 seconds
  • Onboard quality management designed with automatic traditional QC (3 - 4 dedicated QC solutions) and continuous system & analysis checks
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • IQ/OQ


Research & biopharmaceutical facilities currently growing cells in media have unique needs that can greatly benefit from having a medical grade analyzer. During cell growth, researchers may measure pH dissolved gases, lactate, glucose, and electrolytes to monitor cell culture media. It’s important that these measurements are just as accurate during cell culture monitoring as they would be in a clinical situation.

The same is true for clinical research comparing the efficacy of treatments, protocols and drugs. Whether research is done in humans or animals, getting an accurate picture is paramount where only analyzers designed and FDA approved for clinical patient care will do.

Numerous research customers choose Radiometer based on the high sensitivity of our parameters, the small sample size requirements and high throughput of our instruments. Not to mention ease of use and limited to no operator maintenance. Accuracy and dependability are crucial in a research setting. After all, these research results will often lay down the foundation of tomorrow’s medical advancements.

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