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ABL80 FLEX analyzer

Ideal for measuring blood gas, electrolytes and glucose in low- to mid-volume clinical areas

The ABL80 FLEX cassette-based point-of-care blood gas analyzer. Easy-to-use test cassettes and a small footprint make the ABL80 FLEX analyzer ideal for measuring blood gas, electrolytes and glucose in low- and mid-volume clinical areas.

Ideal for sharing among departments

The ABL80 FLEX point-of-care blood gas analyzer offers automatic quality control that ensures you're always ready for the next inspection. And because it’s portable and operates fully on battery, the ABL80 FLEX analyzer is ideal for sharing among several departments.

The ABL80 FLEX analyzer can also be used as a part of Radiometer’s 1st Automatic solution.

Download the IQCP tool for the ABL80 series analyzers

Radiometer America recommends an Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) be developed for the ABL80 FLEX Series blood gas analyzers.

Radiometer America has created an IQCP tool to assist ABL80 FLEX series users in developing their plan. Users can download the tool through the customer portal at

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