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ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyzer

Critical labs in 35 seconds at the point of care

In just 35 seconds, our cassette-based ABL90 FLEX PLUS point-of-care blood gas analyzer can deliver 17 parameters from a sample as small as 65 µL, allowing for a throughput of 44 samples / hour.

The ABL90 FLEX Plus comes with an automated inlet allowing for easier sample introduction. Ensure standardized mixing of your blood samples using safePICO syringes and the built-in sample mixer on the analyzer to help reduce preanalytical errors

The ABL90 FLEX PLUS point-of-care critical care analyzer is a part of Radiometer America’s 1st Automatic solution.

IQCP not required

An Individualized Quality Control Plan is not required for the ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyzer. The ABL90 FLEX PLUS utilizes the AQM system for quality management. At the heart of the system are three dedicated levels of NIST traceable quality control solutions contained in sealed pouches. During the QC measurement process, materials are processed through the same inlet as a patient sample and fully challenge the entire analytic process in the same way a manual external QC solution would. Therefore, IQCP is not required for the ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer.

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