QC for blood gas analyzers

Proven quality control ampoules

The QUALICHECK+ quality control (QC) ampoules are specifically designed for Radiometer America’s blood gas analyzers. The QUALICHECK+ system is designed to cover the physiological reference ranges, critical decision limits and, to a certain degree, extreme physiological situations, required under your local compliance regulations.

Each QUALICHECK+ system consists of four QC levels, and the QUALICHECK+ portfolio consists of several QC systems covering different parameter profiles.

QC designed for Radiometer America blood gas analyzers

Advanced software features simplify your quality control tasks. Radiometer America’s blood gas analyzers automatically detect the level of the inserted QC ampoule and correct the temperature as well as the altitude.

Optimize your work routines

A built-in thermometer on the optional storage tray saves you time and simplifies the process of measuring QC ampoules.

Radiometer America’s adapters and dispensers ensure easy and correct transfer of the quality control ampoule to avoid user introduced bias and potential errors.

In most cases, QUALICHECK+ ampoules can be conveniently stored at room temperature with a 24-month shelf life (see the label on the product for further information).

QUALICHECK+ system with extended range

With Radiometer America's Range+ QUALICHECK system you can verify measuring performance on a broader analytical measuring range than with conventional QC systems.

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