Real-time trending of O2 values

TCM400 transcutaneous monitor

Up to six simultaneous TCOM or tcpO2 measurements for patients suffering from wound or vascular diseases

Radiometer America's TCM400 is a non-invasive TCOM transcutaneous monitor providing up to six simultaneous TCOM measurements of oxygen tension (pO2), also known as transcutaneous oximetry.

Real-time trending of tcpO2 values

Tissue oxygen tension is a direct, quantitative assessment of the availability of oxygen in the tissue and tcpO2 measurement is a direct indication of the microvascular function.

It’s commonly useful in hyperbaric, wound care for wound healing prediction, diagnosis of ischemia, amputation level determination and vascular medicine. Transcutaneous oximetry has become increasingly popular to assess amputation level and wounds during hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

The TCM400 monitor offers reliable, accurate, non-invasive and real-time TCOM measurements as a valuable diagnostic tool for the assessment of:

  • Wound care treatment
  • Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Optimal amputation level
  • Critical limb ischemia
  • Post-surgery wound healing evaluation
  • Free flap survival


TCM400 system with its tcpO2 sensors are automatically and individually calibrated whenever they are placed back into the calibration chamber, reducing preparation time and improving workflow

Ideal for wound care

The TCM400 monitor automatically provides you with the regional perfusion index (RPI), a reproducible predictor for wound healing.

The monitor enables real time data storage and allows for on-screen visualization of patients data in graphical or tabular format. The integrated data memory lets you download patient results to a PC through Aqure TC VasQlar software to generate detailed reports of your transcutaneous O2 measurement sessions or export a patient report in PDF-format via USB.

The monitor's on-screen keyboard offers fast and easy entry of patient name and ID, reducing the risk of patient mix-up.

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