Monitor sudden changes to oxygen and ventilation status on babies

Continuous CO2 monitoring of neonates

Preterm neonates are particularly vulnerable to sudden alterations in arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide levels

pCO2 levels of neonatal patients undergoing high-frequency ventilation can drop drastically in a matter of minutes. Ventilator settings need to be closely managed, as unsafe levels or high fluctuations in pO2 and pCO2 can cause life-long complications and, in extreme cases, the death of preterm babies.

Monitor sudden changes to oxygen and ventilation status

Radiometer America offers an effective and non-invasive way to monitor sudden changes to the oxygen and ventilation status transcutaneously. Small, gentle sensors are applied to the baby’s body, providing real-time information on their pO2 and pCO2 levels.

The information is sent to monitor called the TCM CombiM, where it can be easily seen from a distance. Transcutaneous monitoring of pCO2 levels can help determine when and whether a blood gas sample is needed.

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