Learn how to avoid preanalytical errors in blood gas testing

Blood gas - Preanalytics

This smartphone app focuses on the preanalytical phase of blood gas testing and what operators can do to avoid errors

The Radiometer blood gas preanalytics app is available for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android.


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Studies show that preanalytical errors are the reason for 62% of all errors in laboratory medicine [1]. “The diagnostic consequences depend on the magnitude of the preanalytical error. In worst case, these errors may lead to mistreatment of patients; in all cases, these errors are an extra workload for the hospital staff involved” [2].

A key feature in this app, the handbook section contains videos showing how to properly collect a blood gas sample by arterial puncture, through an arterial line or by capillary sampling. It also describes several types of errors that can occur during and after sampling and gives tips on how to avoid such preanalytical errors.

The recommendations provided by the app are based on existing literature and international best practices.


Exceptionally high or low values of a given parameter may be due to one or several types of preanalytical errors. The troubleshooting section is a good tool when you are experiencing difficulties evaluating if measured results reflect patient status or if a preanalytical error may have occurred.

Skill test

How good are you at avoiding preanalytical errors in blood gas testing? Take the skill test to test your knowledge about how to avoid preanalytical errors.

Supported languages

English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Turkish.

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  1. Carraro P et al. Errors in a stat laboratory. Types and frequencies 10 years later. Clin Chem 2007; 53,7: 1338-42
  2. Wennecke, Gitte: Useful tips to avoid preanalytical errors in blood gas testing Oct 2003. www.acutecaretesting.org   

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