Assess nocturnal hypoventilation in sleep diagnostics or titrate ventilation

Sleep diagnostics

Continuous tcpCO2 monitoring without disturbing the patient’s sleep is important to assess nocturnal hypoventilation in sleep diagnostics or titrate ventilation

Radiometer America’s combined tcpCO2 and SpO2 sensors on the TCM TOSCA transcutaneous monitor help detect hypoventilation in patients at risk of sleep-related breathing disorders. These parameters allow clinicians to make the relevant changes in ventilator settings or optimize oxygen supply.

The combined sensor measures non-invasively and can easily be placed on various sites, including the thorax, the forearm, or for increased patient comfort, on the ear lobe where it can be applied for up to 12 hours.

The TCM TOSCA transcutaneous monitor is compatible with leading polysomnographs and major patient management systems.

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TCM TOSCA monitor

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