Ideal for respiratory care and sleep medicine

TCM TOSCA monitor

Combine pCO2, SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring for pediatric and adult patients

Radiometer America’s TCM TOSCA monitor uses a single sensor for continuous respiratory monitoring in pediatric and adult patients.

Ideal for sleep studies

The TCM TOSCA system is designed to monitor pCO2, SpO2 (Masimo SET®) and pulse rate non-invasively. A small and gentle sensor is placed on the patient’s skin or attached to the ear. Because it is both effective and non-invasive, the TCM TOSCA is ideal for overnight monitoring of ventilation and oxygen saturation in patients suffering from sleep-related breathing disorders.

Real-time monitoring

The integrated Masimo SET® technology for pulse oximetry provides real-time, accurate monitoring of oxygen saturation even during motion and at low perfusion.

The TCM TOSCA monitor is easily connected to polysomnographs in sleep labs and respiratory care allowing the caregiver to have in one report all the needed information about the patient. An integrated data memory allows you to download patient measurements to a PC and export to a USB stick for detailed patient report analysis on a PC through Aqure TC ResQ software.

Additionally, the on-board video tutorials make it easy to train staff in how to use the TCM TOSCA monitor, and the tutorial sessions can be reviewed at any time.

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