Get a complete overview of your POCT setup with AQURE

AQURE Enterprise

POC data management for all of your devices

AQURE Enterprise is a data management system with an open platform that allows you to connect to, monitor and manage Radiometer America and third-party testing devices.

AQURE Enterprise gives you an overview of all your devices from a single dashboard and notifying you immediately of an issue - be it a critical error, a glitch in a monthly statistics report or a quality control failure - so you can promptly address it.

Based on Microsoft® standards, the system ensures seamless integration with your hospital IT platform.

Simplify compliance with paperless documentation

AQURE Enterprise offers easy online access to reports listing issues and corrective actions.

The system also provides a fully documented history of the root causes of any issues plus any corrective actions taken. Your troubleshooting is always ready for regulatory scrutiny.

Why choose AQURE Enterprise?

  • Vendor neutral POC device connectivity
  • Seamless integration with multiple hospital and laboratory IT systems
  • Integrated operator and competency management
  • Exception-based sample processing
  • 24/7 monitoring of all devices by push notification


When to consider AQURE Enterprise?

  • If you are considering a single data management for all your POC devices
  • If you are the end of your contract with your current system
  • If you are looking to add new devices to your data management system


Our POC management solutions

AQURE Xpress

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