QA Portal

All of your quality assurance data in one place

Radiometer America’s QA Portal helps you maintain your quality assurance system. The web-based QA Portal helps you collect, process, report and archive POC QC data from all the acute care analyzers throughout your hospital.

Critical steps are performed automatically, saving you time while ensuring access to your QA-related documents whenever you need them.

Safely store QA material online

Radiometer America's QA Portal stores all your QC data online. This critical information is carefully organized into folders and safely archived in one place, so you can readily access whatever you need – when and where you need it.

The QA Portal holds all QA-related reports, including method and peer-group comparisons, plus calibration verification results. You also have the option of uploading external documents such as proficiency testing reports, QC logs, calibration logs and maintenance logs.

A straightforward search function enables you to retrieve old reports, simplifying regulatory compliance and providing immediate access to information in the event of an inspection.

Be ready for inspection at a moment’s notice

Radiometer America's QA Portal helps make sure you are always ready with accessible QC data. Every day, patient data is automatically transferred directly to the QA Portal from your acute care analyzers, saving you time and minimizing the risk of potential errors.

When new reports are available, you receive an e-mail alert and can access relevant reports at your convenience. The electronic signature makes it quick and easy to comment on results, sign reports and e-mail them to other users.

Easily compare your QC results to peer groups

With Worldwide DATACHECK (WDC), a statistical analyzer program with one central database, you get quick and easy access to peer-group comparisons of your QC results.

Based on quality control statistics, the performance of your analyzers is compared with QC data from about 4,000 Radiometer analyzers placed throughout the world.

Peer-group data is continuously updated online from connected analyzers, giving you immediate and easy access to up-to-date comparisons. Data can be compared based on different criteria such as same-type analyzers, same-type patients, country, hospital, QC materials and QC lots.

Available through the QA Portal, WDC lets you perform statistical analysis of your QC results as often as you like. Just submit your QC data online and get a report back with statistical data and graphics as well as highlights of possible trends.

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