Quality control software

Get control over your QC data processing

Using Radiometer America’s POC data management software solution – the AQURE POC management system – from a networked computer, you can quickly review quality control (QC) results from any analyzer connected to your network.

Quickly review QC results

Review consumables and QC results remotely and initiate corrective actions such as a calibration. You can also see what actions have been performed in the QC, calibration and activity logs.

On analyzers with automatic QC, you can even initiate QC measurements remotely. This saves you time, keeps your analyzers in check, ensuring regulatory compliance and analyzer uptime.

The QC results can be sent on to hospital information systems, which eliminates manual data processing, reduces workload and gives you control of your QC data processing.

All your QA data in one place

Radiometer America's QA Portal helps you maintain your quality assurance system. It offers online access to QC data whenever and wherever you need it, making it easier and less time-consuming for you and your staff to comply with regulatory requirements.

Peer group comparison

With Radiometer America’s Worldwide DATACHECK you can perform statistical analysis of your QC results, and then compare the performance of your analyzer with QC results from thousands of other analyzers placed throughout the world.

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