Free cybercity enhancement of your ABL80 analyzer

Radiometer America is committed to delivering the ultimate customer experience at your every interaction with us. Also when it comes to the cyber security of your analyzer.

October 17, 2018

Therefore, we are happy to inform you of the release the new software upgrade version v3.18 now providing enhanced cyber security for your ABL80 analyzer.

With the new, free cyber-secure upgrade, you get:

  • New Channel Bias Check enhancing the identification of sensor bias conditions during calibration, system check, manual QC and patient measurements.
  • Firewall activation at every analyzer start up.
  • Automatic closure of unused firewall ports at system startup.
  • Single display of results once all measurement processes are complete and removal of intermediate patient results.
  • Bias plots automatically provided for System Cycle QC results/plots.
  • Removal of System Check endpoint errors by initiating a calibration in the event of measurements resulting in an N/E error.
  • Windows use of WES7 Static IP information display for network connections.
  • Transmission of operator field incl. for disabled Note field transmissions in the hislisuploadsettings.xml file.

Your local field service engineer will install this free upgrade onsite at his/her next visit to your facility.

Enhanced cyber security is just one way of making things easier for you and providing you with what we hope is the ultimate Radiometer customer experience.

If you have any questions regarding this letter or the upgrade, please contact Radiometer America Technical Support at 1-800-736-0600 opt.1.


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