Designed specifically for neonatal and pediatric intensive care needs

TCM CombiM monitor

Non-invasive monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation status.

Gentle and effective monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation status of patients in neonatal, pediatric and adult ICUs Preterm babies are at risk for sudden fluctuations in pO2 and pCO2, which, if undetected, can cause severe lesions and cerebral damage.

Radiometer America’s TCM CombiM is a non-invasive neonatal monitoring for TcpCO2 and TcpO2 parameters, that offers an effective method to continuously monitor these fluctuations that is both gentle and reliable.

Non-invasive CO2 and O2 monitoring

The TCM CombiM system uses sensors that can be gently placed directly on the baby’s skin. Sensor heating times are pre-set by the care giver and will switch off based on a pre-determined schedule, eliminating the risk of burns to the skin.

These sensors provide real-time pO2 and pCO2 monitoring of neonatal patients. Changes are shown on the monitor screen as they occur, so care givers can better manage ventilator settings and ensure fast and immediate clinical intervention to critical changes.

The TCM CombiM monitor can also be used on critically ill pediatric and adult patients to monitor their oxygenation and ventilation status.

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